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Note: To enable the swipe for Google Now gesture and stop launcher crashes when choosing a new wallpaper, you have to flash the zip file linked below via TWRP. Installing the APK works but it crashes when launching the wallpaper picker and you can’t swipe right for Google Now. You can install the wallpaper picker separately to stop the force close issue.

That didn’t take long. The new Google Nexus launcher APK is now available for download. I’ve installed it and it’s the real deal, complete with the new slide-up app drawer and Google ‘button’ for quick search and access to Google Now.

  • Download Nexus launcher APK | mirror
  • Download Nexus Launcher zip
  • Download Wallpaper Picker APK (fixes force close when installing Nexus Launcher via APK)

When you long press the home screen there’s a settings menu that includes a ‘Show Google app when swiping left’ option as well as options for screen rotation and adding or subtracting app suggestions at the top of the app drawer. Tapping the G button opens a quick search tray and swiping from the left edge opens Google Now.

APK: the easy method

Install the APK above. Simply enable Unknown Sources in your Security settings, install the Nexus Launcher APK (or mirror), hit home and choose Nexus Launcher. You will get all the Nexus Launcher features except swiping right for Google Now won’t work (this is because the launcher needs to be installed as a system app for that to work).

You can still access Google Now by tapping the G button once to open search and then the ‘G’ again to launch Google Now. Update: While initially attempting to open the wallpaper picker would force close the launcher, you can now install the Wallpaper Picker APK to fix the Nexus Launcher force close bug.

ZIP: the better method

If you want the Nexus Launcher working like it’s supposed to though, you’ll need to flash the Nexus Launcher zip file via TWRP. This will not only enable swiping for Google Now but it will also stop the wallpaper picker from force closing the launcher. This is obviously the better method, but if you really don’t want to install a non-Google Play app, you can always use the Nova Launcher approach we shared earlier for a very similar experience. Make sure to grab the 2016 Nexus wallpapers too.

The file comes courtesy of Nate Benis on Google+.

Do you like the new Nexus Launcher? Better or worse than the current approach?

Apex Launcher is a launcher for Android that is loaded with interesting features that let you customize your home screen on devices with Ice Cream Sandwich.

The features that this app makes available for you include 9 customizable home screens you can rotate between, a dock with enough space for seven icons, infinite scroll anywhere on your device, different transition effects between one screen and another, and the possibility to hide certain elements such as the status bar or even the dock.

Besides all that, you can also customize icons and folders, organize apps in different folders following different criteria, and customize gestures to use on the screen. You’ll have dozens of features at your disposal for your Android device.

Apex Launcher is a good customization tool for your device. It offers many possibilities to customize your mobile phone. It might not be the most elegant launcher you can find, but it is still very functional.

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